Everest Group RPAWhile the overall automation ecosystem continues to evolve rapidly, many enterprises are investing in Robotic Process Automation. As one of the fastest-growing software markets in the past decade, RPA helps organizations realize quick time-to-value, with reduced costs, improved operations, and increased productivity.  

RPA technology itself continues to mature quickly, as are the features, functionality, and support models available. So, the journey to success should begin with choosing the right enterprise-grade RPA technology provider.  

The RPA Report 

The Everest Group compared leading RPA technology partners across the globe. The goal was to analyze the competitive landscape and key trends of RPA and to position providers according to their impact and vision and capability.  

Automation Anywhere, a long-time eCapital technology partner, was listed as a top leader in RPA among the 23 providers comparatively assessed. The report includes a matrix of the products and examines Automation Anywhere’s capabilities, offerings, and strengths. 

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