In an ideal world, quote-to-cash (Q2C) begins the moment a customer, subscriber, or prospect interacts with your brand, surfacing consistently throughout their journey and remaining a persistent, positive presence well beyond the point when cash changes hands and revenue hits your balance sheet. 

Most Q2C systems, however, are anything but ideal. They’re typically inefficient and internally facing, siloed and cumbersome, and hemmed in by processes created in a more predictable time. And they are far more focused on contracts than customers. 

This guide explores:  

  • Why modernizing Q2C systems has become a critical business imperative for tech and media businesses in the age of urgency. 
  • Where traditional Q2C falls short.  
  • The technological and organizational changes needed to create an agile, customer-facing Q2C
    system—one that could serve as a model for establishing an enterprise’s commercial operations of the future. 

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