Retail is transitioning into a consumer-driven business faster than ever.  Issues like determining the best product mix and inventory size are of strategic importance to a retailer to maximize revenue. Retail assortment planning perhaps plays an even bigger role today than ever with ever-shortening lead times and year-round discounts.

First, we explore how past performance sets us up for future success by analyzing data to make informed decisions. Second, how to blend the science of retail and the art of capitalizing on upcoming trends. Next, how to effectively determine how much inventory you need to support you business. Finally, the best ways to present your product assortment to your customers.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Do’s and Don’ts to ensure your retail inventory strategy aligns to your assortment
  • Vital tactics for retail assortment planning optimization
  • How to create a retail assortment presentation that’s appealing to customers
  • Learn the ‘Top 10 Measurements’ to help you build future assortment

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