Why do rolling forecasts matter?  Well, as a Finance leader and business partner, you’re responsible for keeping a pulse on all aspects of your organization, including financial and operational performance.  And as an agent of transformation for the enterprise, it’s also your responsibility to implement agile budgeting, planning, and forecasting processes that enable collaboration and effective decision-making between Finance, Sales, Operations, HR, and other functions. Rolling forecasts are an essential tool for you to do just that.

You’ll learn how rolling forecasting differs from traditional forecasting and how it improves organizations.

The benefits of Rolling Forecasts include:

  • Aligning operationally relevant plans and actuals with financial goals
  • Creating granular driver-based plans at the person, customer, and/or product level
  • Conquer the complexity of creating predictive and machine-learning models without data science expertise
  • Quickly create various what-if scenarios without requiring a full bottom-up forecast

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