New technology can be critical to your company’s success – but while it solves many problems, it comes at a price in time and money. Getting teams to adopt it can be half the battle.

Recently, I was reading about a recruiting firm that invested in new planning software. What caught my eye was its mission — finding candidates who bring “value, strategy, and dynamic leadership” to partners. It resonated with me because it’s so much like our approach to new technology here at eCapital Advisors.

Perhaps because the firm deals in human capital, its leaders focused on building strong communications, teams, and experiences around the technology investment. Every step was designed to be inclusive of every stakeholder and end-user.

A team was built, which included a sponsor to spearhead the project and make sure it received the necessary resources, a project manager to oversee administration, and an integrator to manage any conflicts in priorities.

Management put solid research into an array of products that provided solutions to their specific issues. Once they had a technology “candidate,” they communicated the selection with all employees, sought input from all stakeholders, and continuously explained the technology’s benefits to ensure its buy-in.

A pilot program was created that considered people’s different learning styles and tailored training methods, accordingly. Staff understood how the new technology tool would impact daily tasks and their feedback was requested from start to post-installation.

The company’s successful implementation was equal parts strategy and sympathy — because change is hard for human beings. Each of us at eCapital Advisors understands.

eCapital’s goal is to bring digital transformation to companies in search of agility, flexibility, and a “solve” to business problems. Our experts can assist in determining what software addresses your unique business model and customize it to meet your present and future-facing goals. We have an amazing network of vendors and solutions to take the guesswork and troubleshooting off of you.

From end to end, our consultants will be available to help you identify the right new technology, prove your case for investment, integrate seamlessly, and ensure your team’s satisfaction and success.