The Need

Safway is a continuously growing company with extremely high M&A. They needed a solution that was fast and flexible to accommodate their constantly changing business model. ​ Also, their budgeting and forecasting was an extremely slow and cumbersome process that took months to perform​, financial reporting took weeks to complete​, and their sales projections were time consuming and unpredictable.

The Solution

The implementation of IBM Planning Analytics included consolidation, financial reporting, month-end review, KPI’s, budgeting/forecasting and sales pipeline​.

The Benefit

By utilizing IBM Planning Analytics, Safway was able to cut down their budgeting & forecasting process from months to two weeks​, perform month end reporting from one week to two days, and project sales forecasts quickly and accurately, as well as perform “what if” analysis to predict future sales. Now, Safway’s different business units (Finance, Accounting & IT) are able to collaborate and communicate more effectively, in turn, successfully completing a $5 billion merger in just two weeks.


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