The Need 

Cyprum Metals’ blazing 2021 showed a 40% climb in revenue. But after acquiring new businesses, each with its own ERP and financial processes, Cyprum Metals leadership struggled to gain up-to-date insight into inter-company transactions. Further, with disconnected data, accurately updating the enterprises’ chart of accounts seemed impossible. 

The Solution 

eCapital Advisors recommended a three-phase approach to streamline data. Implementing the robust financial software OneStream allowed Cyprum Metals to consolidate financial data from several ERPs. With another solution, the firm must transition all its companies to a new system.  

The Benefits 

By consolidating enterprise-wide ERP data, Cyprum Metals achieved a comprehensive, real-time view across the Cyprum Metals portfolio. In addition, manual, Excel-based tasks no longer delayed month-end closing reports, Cyprum Metals slashed close cycle times, and more.  

Recent Case Studies