The Need

A non-profit organization focusing on substance rehabilitation programs, NUWAY needed a solution to answer fundamental business questions like bed cost per location and patient return rates. An outdated electronic medical records (EMR) system and legacy knowledge made it difficult for NUWAY to gather and analyze data from several Minnesota locations.

The Solution

Guided by eCapital Advisors, NUWAY chose automation to create a clean database, perform tedious tasks, and prepare for a modern EMR. Over five weeks, experts at eCapital helped locate and validate data sources to develop and deliver an automation set prescribed to fit NUWAY’s unique workflow.

The Benefit

Using automation, NUWAY has access to corresponding data for business questions, budget forecasting, and other datasets for evidence-driven decision-making. Leadership reports employees have saved weeks on day-to-day healthcare tasks that are now accurately and compliantly automated. Today, NUWAY is primed to adopt Workday Adaptive Planning for expanded analysis and reporting capabilities.

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