After investing in the Incorta platform, the Scientific Games Data & Analytics team partnered with eCapital to take their usage to the next level for true insight into their data.

“The real value [of Incorta] is employing all of our data together and just giving us an overall view of the organization.  Not having to go into one system and looking at one small piece of information, then going into another and looking at that small piece of it.  Just having all of it there and available for you and seeing the overall view of your organization is game changing.  In the finance and accounting world, we like to see high level KPIs, but then everyone wants the detail level transactions that are behind those KPIs, so that’s one of the reasons that we really like Incorta.”

Jessica Holmes, Finance Analytics Senior Manager, Scientific Games

Talking about eCapital:

“To be able to find someone, meet with them twice, and be able to move the ball quickly…that’s a huge win, especially when you’re on a time crunch.  They deliver.  I think that’s the most powerful statement you can give.”

Joe DelPercio, Director of Data & Analytics, Scientific Games

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