In the later half of 2017, eCapital Advisors will be providing a conference called IMPACT Days, a 2 day, FREE conference about IBM, Cognos Analytics, and Planning Analytics.  Conferences will be held in…


Chicago on September 13th and 14th

Minneapolis on September 18th and 19th

Dallas on November 16th and 17th

During these IMPACT Days sessions, users will have the opportunity to get hands on experience with a Cognos Analytics 11 workshop, custom built for the 2 day conference.  Attendees will be provided a workshop manual which is theirs to keep at the conclusion of the session.  In addition to the manual, the below images and uploaded CSV file will be needed to complete the workshop. Furthermore, users will explore topics such as Dashboard, Story, and Data modules & Data sets in the workshop.  As a result, users will have a better understanding of the feature, how it works, and how it can work for them.


Dashboard and Story sections of the workshop will use the below images as background images.

1. Select and drag an Image widget onto your dashboard.

2. Provide the following URL:

Sky image

Sky Image

3. Follow the above steps for the following URL:

Woods Image

Woods Image


Upload files

MasterCalendar Download

  1. Select the + New button in the bottom corner
  2. Select Upload files
  3. Navigate to where this file downloads to or where the user has moved it to.


I hope you found this post helpful. Please contact me at the email address below for issues or other CA 11 inquiries.

Trevor Schulte
Sr. Consultant