Performance Details in Report

In today’s analytics environment, timeliness of data is important.  Along with timeliness, reports and analyses need to be swift.  With Cognos Analytics 11 R7 and higher, there is a feature within Report called Performance Details which helps authors determine if queries or visualizations need to be tuned to boost overall run time.  Below are the steps to take as an author to check performance results.

Open a Report:

From Cognos Analytics home perspective, navigate to the report in question.

Open Report in Edit mode

After selecting the ellipsis at the end, you’ll need to select Edit report to open the report in edit mode.

Change the setting:

Though we will get the metrics for each widget on the report, the Performance Details setting only needs to be set once.  Select the Run option, and select Show run options at the bottom of the menu.

Show Run options

Once the Run options popup opens, find the check box for Include performance details at the bottom.  Select the check box and click OK.

Set Include performance details

Run the Report:

From here, it is as simple as running the report in HTML.  Select the Run button and select Run HTML.

Run as HTML

At the bottom left corner of each widget, authors will find an Execution Time with a hover-over information icon that will provide Render time and Query time.

Performance detail metrics

These metrics can aid an author in performance testing a report.


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Trevor Schulte
Sr. Consultant