As a Planning Analytics Administrator/Developer, being able to create new databases in Planning Analytics is one of the useful ways to test out new methodologies, build new cubes, dimensions, and hierarchies, and write rules and processes. Prior to Planning Analytics Workspace version 61, Administrators/Developers needed to submit a ticket to IBM to create or delete a TM1 database. With the latest release of Planning Analytics Workspace – version 62 – you now have the ability to create and delete new TM1 databases, no support ticket required!

Creating a TM1 database

To create a new TM1 database, you need to have your Planning Analytics Workspace environment upgraded to the newest experience. Here is a step-by-step to create a new database:

  1. Click on the Administration
  1. Click on the Databases tab
  2. Click Add
  1. Assign the Database a unique name and click Create. For this example, I will name it Planning.

Creating a new database takes around 5-10 minutes to generate. Also, when you create a new database, a folder in your FileShare will be created, similar to where your existing databases exist.

The folder created will contain Data and Logs folders and a TM1 Config file within the instance folder. From here, you can copy over any existing data folders to replicate data and start testing out new items within your new database.

Deleting a TM1 Database

Administrators also now have the ability to delete a TM1 Database. Here are the step-by-step directions to delete a TM1 Database:

  1. Stop the database you would like to delete
  2. Select the database and click the Delete Database You will be prompted to check the Delete this database box and click Delete. Deleting the database can take a few minutes. As noted in the screenshot, the folders in your FileShare will remain. Once the database is deleted, you can proceed with deleting the folders from the FileShare to clear up any space.

IBM continues to make investments into making Planning Analytics Workspace the preferred tool for Administrators/Developers to utilize for development, proof of concept, testing, and administration. We will be posting more about the newest functionalities of Planning Analytics Workspace.  Contact us if you have any questions or requests about the new Planning Analytics Workspace experience.