Custom Cloud Data SourceThere are three different ways in which Workday Adaptive Planning integrates with NetSuite.

  1. Connected via NetSuite Connector – limitation on custom segments (Basic connection) or certain transaction type (Enhanced connection)
  2. Saved search integration -limitation on certain transaction type
  3. Custom Cloud Data Source (CCDS) connection using Workday Adaptive Bundle

The CCDS method may be needed to access data such as transaction types that are not supported by the Enhanced Connection method. In this post we will detail the steps needed to facilitate the CCDS connection type for connections to NetSuite.


Reach out to Adaptive and have them activate bundle 350286.

Integration Steps in NetSuite:

Install & Associate Bundle with the Desired Saved Search

  1. Log into NetSuite as an administrator and go to Customization – Suite Bundler – Search & Install Bundle
  2. Search for 350286 and install the bundle
  3. Verify the bundle has been installed successfully by checking the status column
  4. Navigate to Reports – Custom – Saved Search to File Cabinet Config and click on New Saved Search to File Cabinet Config
  5. In the ‘Saved Search Name’ field, select the name of the saved search you’d like the bundle to execute.
  6. Check both the Available Without Login and Overwrite File boxes options and click Save.

Set up Script Development Details

  1. Navigate to CustomizationScript Deployments and configure the run frequency.
  2. Go back to Script Deployment and click the edit hyperlink to force it to run immediately.

File Cabinet

  1. Verify the csv file has been generated under Adaptive Planning folder under File Cabinet.
  2. Click edit and save the URL in a secured place – this will be needed in one of the next steps
  3. Check the Available Without Login checkbox and press the Save button
  4. The bundle is now installed and configured to execute the saved search.

Integration Steps within Adaptive:

  1. Set up CCDS connection in Adaptive
  2. Write the proper JavaScript for structure import and data import.
  3. Paste the URL into the JavaScript that will be used for structure import.
  4. At this point you should be able to import the data to the staging table via CCDS connection.

For any questions on this method, please contact us.