When a Workday Adaptive Planning user is created, the standard ‘home’ screen visual upon logging in is always preselected and will look something like the following image.

This doesn’t have to be the case. Admins with the “Permission Sets” capability check have the ability to customize the screen that you and other uses are presented with upon login. This is on a user-by-user basis. To view the available home page options, navigate from the home page to Administration via the main menu. Under the Users and Permissions section, select Users.

The comprehensive list of users will appear, select Edit under the action column heading for the relevant user row to bring up that user’s Edit User screen.

You’ll notice that the Home Page dropdown box is set to Welcome, which is predefined and gives the initial view displayed in the screenshot at the beginning of this piece.

There are several other options that can be selected, and the list of available options is filtered based on the individual users’ permission set. (I.e. a standard permission set user will not be able to have their home page adjusted to display Model Management, for instance).

The comprehensive list of available home page options is shown above and are detailed below with information on what each selection provides.

Home page loads to present the Administration page, where user, system and profile settings can be easily accessed – This home page option is available only for administrative users.

What’s New:
Home page will display information including accessible links relating to any recent Workday Adaptive Planning releases.

Provides the ability to replace the home page with a dashboard. Will be prompted for specific perspective and dashboard selections that will be refined by user and/or group access (I.e. if the user hasn’t been granted access to a given dashboard, then that dashboard will not be a selectable option during this process).

Home page will display the workflow status page.

Home page will display the Sheets Overview page. This displays all sheets available to the given user based on their role/access rights.

Model Management:
Home page will display the model management screen. Provides easy access for Administrative users to make model changes/updates – only available for Administrative users.

Home page will populate with the Export Data window which provides the ability to export data for specific accounts, versions, levels and time ranges. Only available for administrative, read only & integration users.

Model Overview:
Adjusting the home page to Model Overview will provide an interactive graphical representation of the Adaptive model, including how certain sheets interact with one another from a data flow perspective. Only available for administrative users.

Home page will populate with the Import Data window, which allows for import template-based data loads to specific versions and sheets. Only available for administrative & integration users.

Home page will display an announcements page, that can be customized to display model and user specific information. Announcements pages can be created via the Announcement Pages section within Model Management.

Displays any user-specific process information that has been created through the Processes section.

The home page will display the Shared Reports folder page, displaying the list of reports the given user has access to based on their individual or group access permissions.