Planning Analytics for Excel keeps getting better. Beginning with version 65, the Planning Analytics for Excel (PAfE/PAX) is available as a standalone xll add-in file. The update provides users with more flexibility, as they no longer need to uninstall/install to upgrade. They also won’t need to use an installer when initially setting up PAfE.

Getting Started with Planning Analytics for Excel

To begin, you can use the xll file to run the PAfE add-in in a single excel session. Alternatively, you can also fit it as a persistent add-in for use every time you launch Excel. The video below walks you through how to uninstall a sub 65 version of PAfE before installing version 65+. You will also learn how to upgrade PAfE when a new version is released.

Details for System Administrators

Systems administrators may want to deploy the xll add-in file to a common location on users’ machines. In that case, the following folder is the preferred location:


Add-ins placed in this folder automatically appear in the list of available add-ins when a user opens Excel and the add-ins option window.

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