Beginning with version 65, the Planning Analytics for Excel (PAfE/PAX) add-in is available as a standalone xll add-in file. No longer will a user need to use an installer when initially setting up PAfE or need to uninstall/install when upgrading. The xll file can be utilized to run the PAfE add-in in a single excel session or it can be added as a persistent add-in available for use every time excel is launched. Below is a video walking through how to uninstall a sub 65 version of PAfE before installing 65+ as well as how to upgrade PAfE when a new version is released.

For systems administrators looking to deploy the xll add-in file to a common location on users’ machines, %USERPROFILE%\appdata\roaming\microsoft\addins\ is my preferred location because an add-in placed in this folder will automatically appear in the list of available add-ins when a user opens their excel add-ins option window in excel.