If you are an Oracle Premier Support Customer and you run into an issue with any of your EPM products, you are entitled to full support, up to and including full recreation of your issue in a test environment by Oracle’s own development team, if necessary.

Most issues can be resolved in relatively short order, but if you find your progress stalling, there is an escalation process. The good news about the process is that it is standardized and straightforward. There is no need to fight your way to the ‘next level’ of support. The only bad news about the process is that you first need to know what it is, and follow it very explicitly, to take advantage of it.

First off, you’ll need to log into My Oracle Support at https://support.oracle.com. If you don’t find help in the knowledge base, your next step will be to create a Service Request, or “SR”. Generally SR’s are resolved with the staff at hand, but if your SR drags out and is not being resolved, you will need to get in contact with a Support Manager. There is a very specific way to accomplish this. Simply requesting it in your SR is not enough.

The three specific steps to take to get a Support Manager are:

  1. Insert the following text, including all ***lines, into your SR:

******************* Management Attention Request *******************

Reason for request, including business impact of the problem that requires management attention

Business or implementation milestone, critical date(s) (milestone date or resolve by date), along with the type of business or implementation milestone

Name of the customer requesting callback; contact information: phone number, pager, email address

******************* Management Attention Request *******************

  1. Call the Global Support Number (1.800.223.1711 in the U.S.)
  1. Use this specific phrase: “Here is my existing Service Request #, I would like to speak with and receive a callback from the Support Manager.”

The Support Manager will call you back. You’ll want to get their contact information, and start with them an action plan for the resolution of your issue. If the manager is still not resolving your problem, you can call the support number again and request the next level of management, but usually nailing down a specific Support Manager will ensure that you regain traction.

See more details on Oracle’s blog here.

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