eCapital Advisors announced a new partnership with Fluence Technologies. A multi-vendor financial technology firm, eCapital empowers clients with robust data insights. Fluence is a pure-play provider of financial consolidation, close, and reporting software purpose-built for midsize companies.

“Today’s finance leaders are charged with tasks to help their organizations run as smoothly as possible,” said Lisa David, Partner at eCapital Advisors. “Accordingly, this partnership will help our proven software portfolio address a crucial component of fiscal management. Specifically, this partnership will up-level our financial consolidation, close and reporting offerings.”

“The midmarket’s need for financial consolidation, close and reporting capabilities that the office of finance can own and use independently continues to grow,” David said. “Many organizations use a performance management solution like Workday Adaptive. Still, 84% of companies continue to turn to Excel for consolidation, and 88% of those spreadsheets have errors.”

A purpose-built solution, Fluence Technologies offering is easily owned and maintained by finance. eCapital Advisors brings a rich set of best practices to guide clients. eCapital honed the experience over two decades delivering accounting and finance solutions.

“In conclusion, our team sees the partnership as the next step for our performance management clients in their finance modernization journey,” David said.

About eCapital Advisors

For the past 20 years, eCapital Advisors has helped companies by enabling data-driven decision-making. Our team helps organizations disconnect manual planning and forecasting processes and ditch lack of insights. Our customers unlock key business metrics and access to critical data sources. At this time, we have successfully implemented more than 600 projects to help clients use data to create valuable business insights.

We are eCapital Advisors—problem solvers, transformation leaders, and technology experts. Our mission is to link talent and analytics for better business decisions.

About Fluence Technologies

Fluence is a pure-play financial consolidation, close and reporting software for high growth businesses. Our customers go live in weeks, close their books in days and report intelligence in real time. We deliver game-changing efficiency gains and trusted, timely numbers to over 900 customers. Fluence is out-of-the-box, no-coding software with a full Excel interface and enterprise-grade capabilities for immediate adoption and quick time to value, all in a truly finance-owned solution. Welcome to Fluence… we close early.