eCapital Advisors Welcomes Heather Brown to expand Controllership practice to include Account Reconciliation and Transaction Matching

eCapital Advisors welcomes Heather Brown as the new Director of Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Controllership.

For two decades, eCapital Advisors has guided organizations through financial planning and EPM systems. Brown brings 18 years of experience assisting organizations with financial close. Specifically, she adds account reconciliations and transaction matching acumen.

Brown’s expertise with EMP platforms, in particular, will help her lead the financial close and consolidation practice at eCapital. Formerly, Brown was with OneStream Software.

“We are incredibly excited for Heather to join the eCapital Advisors and expand our Controllership and Performance Management offerings,” stated Steve Whinnery, Chief Executive Officer at eCapital Advisors.

“With her proven background in financial close and consolidation and managing complex, technical projects and teams, we are confident in her ability to help us scale our practice and drive incremental value to our clients.”

Over the years, Brown has received extensive professional accolades. For instance, she invented the first three commercially available account reconciliation compliance solutions. They are BlackLine’s 1st generation product, Trintech’s AssureNET GL, and Oracle’s ARM/ARCS.

“This is a new chapter for me,” said Brown.

“I like the direction that eCapital Advisors is headed. I’m looking forward to working closely with our clients to solve their complex financial close and consolidation issues.”

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