Making Fast Manufacturing Smart

The role of Advanced Analytics in meeting Accelerating Consumer Demand

Talk to manufacturers from nearly any vertical and you will hear how they are being stressed in ways that were unanticipated even 10 years ago.

Rising consumer expectations have precipitated fast and still accelerating time to market. Layered against that, product lifecycles are on overdrive resulting in many organizations needing to predict peak demand and corresponding inventory, and allocation and replenishment before the first item has shipped.

Projections that in past revenue cycles have had the benefit of months of research and predictable consumer demand patterns are becoming increasingly rare. The result, manufacturers are needing to make significant changes toward becoming more nimble and anticipatory.

Recent articles in both Forbes and Industry Week have explored the impacts of rising consumer expectations and how they are pushing supply chains and manufacturing to the breaking point.

In those articles and in others, the core question becomes how today’s manufacturers can meet competitive pressures while balancing the realities of their supply chain and manufacturing limitations.

Increasingly many manufacturers are finding an expanded utilization of advanced analytics is the key to more confident decisioning and more agile operations.

How Predictive Insights can help Manufacturers

As a result of a myriad of rapidly changing issues including market consolidation, channel conflict, globalization, vertical integration, and price and margin pressure manufacturers are looking for new ways to rapidly improve their insights to better inform their decisioning. Advanced analytic based initiative have been the answer……

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Byline, Making Fast Manufacturing Smart Byline, Making Fast Manufacturing Smart