Empowering Organizations with Self-Service Analytics

This week, eCapital Advisors, a data analytics management consulting firm, was listed in Capital Markets CIO Outlook as one of the “Top 10 Data Analytics Solution Providers 2019”. The award recognizes solution providers in the industry who can help clients thrive in their business and steer them toward excellence.

In today’s digital world, forward-looking businesses are technology optimistic and rely heavily on data analytics to remain competitive in their industries. Discovering the secrets hidden in this ‘Big Data’ is the key factor in driving and developing future strategies which can help businesses gain the competitive edge. “The fastest way to self-service and growth is through analytics,” says Lisa David, partner at eCapital Advisors. Lisa states eCapital’s unique value prop is, “Helping clients build a better relationship with their data. We assist organizations in mitigating challenges caused by disconnected legacy applications or inefficient processes and infrastructure, all which require corporate teams to spend much of their time gathering and reporting data instead of analyzing it to extract valuable insights.”

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eCapital Advisors builds long-term, solution-based relationships with clients, unlocking the value within their data. eCapital is an industry recognized performance management and analytics firm specializing in connecting business opportunities with technology. Across a variety of industries, eCapital’s expertise includes: planning, budgeting and forecasting, close and consolidations, analytics, business modeling and planning, infrastructure and ongoing support.