Sometimes, Hyperion Financial Reporting studio can run into an error upon the launch of a report. This can be frustrating when hours have been put in to build a dynamic, nice looking report, only to receive the below message when it is run:

Hyperion Financial Reporting Internal Essbase JAPI error

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This is something that has come up a couple of times recently, and so sharing the fix seemed appropriate. What is happening here is that Financial Reporting is trying to generate an MDX query to run against the cube to generate the data set, but is running into an issue with the query that is being generated.

Luckily, the fix is quick and easy. We can tell Financial Reporting to use the Grid API (similar to an Excel retrieve) rather than MDX to get the data.  To do this, we navigate to Task→Data Query Optimization Settings:

Hyperion Financial Reporting - Data Query Optimization Settings

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The Data Query Optimization Settings window will pop up. Uncheck the box for Essbase Queries Use MDX, and click OK:

Hyperion Financial Reporting - Uncheck the box for Essbase Queries Use MDX,

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Save the report, and run it. An error should no longer be generated, and the report should successfully run.

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