Oracle Hyperion TrainingeCapital has successfully completed hundreds of Oracle projects over the years. Specifically, we feel strongly about providing in-depth education to our clients. Installing a solution then heading out the door just isn’t in our DNA. We are proud to provide our clients best in class training using what we have learned through all this unique experience. Why do we feel so strongly that training drives value?

1. Oracle Hyperion Training Benefits

  • Increased technical delivery capabilities in house
  • Broader understanding of the business systems landscape
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Ability to work more efficiently cross-functionally

Providing fresh training to employees is not only beneficial, but it is also vital. Developing the skills of your systems teams results in better performance throughout the organization and less reliance on any one individual. Reduces employee turnover while increasing morale. The eCapital Oracle training offering guarantees to expand the skill set of all students who attend.

2. Customized Experience

eCapital understands that every organization and each individual is different. Our training offering can be customized for the unique challenges organizations face as well as the different learning styles of each individual. eCapital training resources work with each client to understand the specific goals of attending training, then tailor the experience to provide maximum value.

3. Interactive Delivery

Training is best delivered in person to maximize discussion and hands-on participation. In most cases, clients leverage the eCapital headquarters training center in Minneapolis but it is also possible to deliver training at a partner site. Still, training can be done remotely, with additional customization and planning.

4. Wide Offering to Meet all Oracle Hyperion Needs Including Planning, Essbase and FDMEE

The training courses offered cover a broad array of Oracle Hyperion EPM topics:

  • Accelerated Hyperion Planning
  • Oracle Essbase Calculation Logic, BSO Fundamentals
  • Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service Bootcamp
  • Accelerated Hyperion Financial Reporting
  • Oracle Essbase Bootcamp
  • Leveraging VBA in Smartview
  • Oracle Hyperion FDMEE
  • Oracle BI Dashboards and Reports

Further details on each course are available here. We would also love to opportunity to create a custom training experience to meet your Oracle needs.

5. Immediate ROI Post Training

Of course, there are many ways an organization can spend capital, training is by far one of the most efficient ways to gain ROI on your investment. Attendee’s expansion of skill sets to further drive enterprise performance in-house as well as employee engagement makes investing in your team an easy decision.


eCapital University courses are designed to empower our clients with the skills needed to be able to implement and manage their analytics solutions with confidence. Our focus is on ensuring client success and whether you are new to the technology, needing a refresher or looking to advance your skills. Furthermore, our training will enable you to maximize the organizational value delivered. Reach out to us today!