We have seen a few instances lately where some odd Smart View Essbase Shared Connection behavior has been popping up in version In short, most administrators prefer that there be one Essbase server linked to the Essbase connections in a Hyperion Smartview Shared Connection. However, an issue has been experienced where other servers in related environments begin showing up in the Shared Connection for an outside, or different environment.

This is potentially dangerous, as users that are not supposed to have to pay this kind of attention could mistakenly change data in an environment where changes are not intended to be made. After some research it has been found that this is something that users can accidentally edit in certain Smartview Versions prior to version ( in this example).

Options for remediation are either to have all users upgrade Smartview, or the administrator can perform the datasources.xml fix detailed below.

  1. Open Shared Services.
  2. Navigate to Application Groups → Foundation → Deployment Metadata.
  3. From Deployment Metadata, choose Shared Services Registry → Essbase → LWA – aps@server_Port.
  4. Export the datasources.xml file for edit.

5.  Ensure only the relevant server name is filled into only one Essbase entry in the

6. Return to the same Shared Services path you exported the datasouces.xml file from and choose Import after Edit to load the revised .xml file.

The Essbase Smart View connection will now be reset to have only the one relevant server that has just been filled in.

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