IBM Planning Analytics Local V2.0

Effective December 14, 2016, IBM Planning Analytics Local V2.0 (formerly known as IBM Cognos TM1) is now available. This innovative technology offers a single planning and analysis solution that can be deployed locally. Version 2.0 brings an interface for improved speed, agility, and foresight: IBM Planning Analytics Workspace.

New Functionality in IBM PA Local:

  • Perform Web-based Authoring of Input Templates, Analysis, and Reports
  • Drag and Drop Data from all TM1 Databases to a single Web Canvas
  • Apply Excel Calculations and Cell References within a Slice/Dice/Pivot Experience
  • Perform Slice/Dice/Pivot Analysis on Attribute Data
  • Perform Deeper Analysis on intersections of multiple Attributes from a single Dimension
  • Discover reasons behind the numbers through embedded
  • Collaboration tools
  • Perform Input and Analysis using Interactive Dashboards on iPad and Android Tablets


See Dave Corbett’s introduction of IBM Planning Analytics capabilities from IBM World of Watson 2016.