We are excited to announce that IBM has released a new version of Cognos TM1 with faster, more effective analytics, decision-making and planning. The original IBM Cognos TM1 10.1 release in February 2012 broke away from all market competitors with its groundbreaking capabilities in planning, analysis and forecasting.

The ability to access Cognos TM1 through Cognos Insight is one of the many powerful features in TM1. Cognos Insight provides customers with revolutionary capabilities in personal desktop analysis and plan contribution. The new TM1 version has taken this feature one step further by providing complete offline availability.

Another key feature in Cognos TM1 is Performance Modeler, which enables modeling for planning and analysis solutions in a graphical, easy-to-use environment. TM1 v10.1.1 found a way to ramp up these abilities by providing greater enhancements to modeling, data and metadata managements.

IBM’s distributed architecture improvements enhancing the experience for all users, regardless of their location, the interface they use (Insight, Contributor, Cognos BI, Microsoft Excel), or the type of work they do with the plan (input, read, report). The latest version, IBM Cognos TM1 v10.1.1, has extended these vast features by further refining quality and enterprise readiness with:

  • Improvements to the user experience: email notifications and attached commentary
  • Improved input templates to simplify processes
  • Improved charting and interactive gestures
  • Additional features for dynamic server monitoring
  • Faster, more effective analytics, decision-making and planning
  • Greater collaboration and efficiencies of scale
  • Greater visibility to enterprise performance and profitability
  • Eliminated delays in coordinating to emerging realities
  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • And much more!

If you’re interested in learning more about the new IBM Cognos TM1 v10.1.1 read the updated data sheet. If you’re interested in a demo on TM1 v10.1.1, please contact us today!

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