This unique IBM Software offering provides our clients who want to try Software as a Service (SaaS) or move to SaaS offerings, an easy process to do so.  Some clients are not sure whether SaaS is right for them; and this initiative gives them a chance to try SaaS and go back to on-premise version at the end of the contract if they want to — without paying a Subscription and Support (S&S) reinstatement. We are providing our clients choice.

Client benefits:

The Bridge-to-Cloud program provides you with a full scale opportunity to engage with the Cloud at no risk:

  • Engage with the Cloud at full production scale
  • Maintain entitlement without additional fees during your Cloud engagement
  • At the end of the Cloud engagement contract, if you choose to return to On-Premises S&S, you may do so without S&S penalties.


Please contact us to let us know if you are interested in Bridging to the Cloud and how eCapital can help.