What is an IBM Unlimited License Agreement (IULA)? – An unlimited deployment of specific part numbers within the IBM Analytics Group software offerings.  This offering is for any current customers with update to date S&S that are looking to expand their Analytics footprint with benefits of flexibility and predictable costs.

Benefits of the IULA:

  1. Consolidated and SingleOne Contract for all IBM Analytics (Cognos/TM1) licenses and supportOne Point of Contact for all administration = eCapital Advisors
  2. Contract Term: Predictable spend for 1- 3 years
  3. IBM Global Financing:Equal and annual payments spread out across the contract term (optionally financed by IBM Global Finance).
  4. Annual S&S:During Contract Term (years 1-3) = pre-fixed with no increasesNo Financial True-Up required at contract term endMaximum of 5% increase on S&S for years after contract term regardless of amount of software deployed (pending approval and negotiation)
  5. Deployment Flexibility:UNLIMITED License Growth and Support rolled into a single contract.Eliminates user counts to the identified Cognos usersUnlimited PVU Users and Authorized Users

What happens at the end of an IULA?

  • Customer counts/declares actual deployed quantities of each product.
  • Customer entitlement is updated to reflect the declared quantity. Customer is entitled to that quantity going forward.
  • There is no “true up” cost of any kind.
  • The client is offered a number of optional S&S years at the end of the original IULA (included to provide predictability to S&S costs regardless of quantity deployed).
  • Optional Years of S&S Priced at the same 20% of original deal size plus the 5% YTY possible Inflation Factor.

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