Where did my members go?

Recently, we encountered an odd error in a Hyperion Life Cycle Manager environment, where the primary instance of a member was incorrectly deleted upon importing an Account dimension into both ASO and Planning EPMA applications.  An alternate hierarchy requiring some changes had some shared members removed, and the dimension was then migrated between a development and production environment. Upon initial import, the primary instance was deleted, even though it still existed in the import package and the target environment. This is, of course, dangerous due to the nature of the data loss that occurs when a primary instance of a member is deleted and the application subsequently deployed.

Compare to the rescue!

A simple compare is what can prevent data loss from occurring when this glitch has taken place.    After you have run the LCM dimension import to your target environment, but before you deploy the application, go to Application Library  -> Right-Click on your Application -> Compare -> Compare To Deployed Application

The missing primary instances will be very prominently noted as deletes, which should aid in investigation. Although this issue has potentially very damaging implications, the fix is rather simple. Simply import the dimension with the deleted shared members again (for a second time), and the missing primary instance magically reappears! As long as the application(s) were not deployed with the primary instance missing, nothing will have been hurt and no data loss will have occurred.

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