The theme of Information on Demand 2012 was all about thinking BIG, which IBM has proved time and time again is its specialty. With multitudes of speakers, tech sessions, booths, product releases and updates, there was no shortage of big ideas during the entire conference.

As always, IOD 2012 was a place for us to not only share some of our expertise through presentations at both the business partner summit and impromptu conferences with customers, but it was also a great experience for us to connect and understand what is driving business analytics directly from the customers we work with. eCapital Advisors lit up the conference in our bright orange booth, meeting some of the thousands of IBMers, clients and business partners in attendance. Through those conversations we gained better and bigger insights into what different industries consider top priority in analytics today.

IBM uses the IOD conference as a big springboard into the coming year of technology advances. With a theme like “Think Big”, you can bet that the most buzz centered around a little thing called Big Data. IBM announced a new data appliance system, PureData Systems for Analytics and it’s powered by a product that our clients consider to be their best friend in business, Netezza. We’re sure you’ve heard of that last one, but why all the fuss?

New name, bigger capabilities. The PureData system is a data appliance that simplifies and optimizes performance for analytic applications like Cognos or SPSS Predictive Technology. It enables complex algorithms to run in minutes, instead of the days and weeks it used to take. Some of the accelerated features IBM highlights are:

  • Integration by Design: Providing flexibility, choice, simplicity, and agility to drive business velocity. PureSystems capture and automate what the experts have typically done from infrastructure to application.
  • Built-in Expertise: Deeply integrating and tuning hardware and software in a single, ready-to-go system with built in security and reliability designed for multiple architectures. The systems are modular and based on open standards.
  • Simplified Experience: From setting up the system, to operating, maintaining, and upgrading over time, PureSystems simplify every part of the IT lifecycle.

Another announcement made at IOD that we thought was especially exciting was the new updates to Cognos Insight, which has proven to be a central focus for BI and FPM users.

Now with Cognos Insight it’s easier than ever to create new relationships within the lines of business and satisfy the IT requirements for data analysis that ties back to the enterprise. IBM Cognos Insight empowers all users to independently explore data, build scenario models and share insights without IT assistance, all in a visually compelling way. Unlike spreadsheets or dead-end dashboard products, Cognos Insight is based on proven enterprise technology that will grow with you when you are ready. The personal edition of Cognos Insight is available for any business—contact us for details!

If you were not able to attend IOD 2012, IBM has most of the sessions playing back on their IOD blog. For video recaps of the biggest and best announcements, check out the page here.

What questions do you have about these IBM announcements? Or are you just wondering how some of the new products apply to your business? Drop us a note to get answers to all your questions!