Do you need a Reconciliation Health Check? As a finance leader, you are buried in the everyday business of running your organization. As such, you may struggle to find the time to consider if there is a better way to do things. Your reconciliation processes rely heavily on people-based processes. Meanwhile, modern technology offers streamlined, more efficient alternatives.

There is no room to risk the accuracy of your reconciliation processes. Nor do methods have to take your team hours, days, or weeks. Let eCapital Advisors show you a better way forward by scheduling a meeting with us today. Or read on to learn why to evaluate reconciliation health and how our team is uniquely qualified to help.

Why Check Reconciliation Health?

Much has changed with the reconciliation landscape, even in the last few years. Using an outsider’s perspective, we are unencumbered by connections to “the old way of doing things.” As a result, eCapital can lend our unbiased outlook and two decades experience to help you identify opportunities to save time and money.

What is Included?

In short, we offer a fresh look at your general ledger account reconciliation business process. We then recommend modern, cloud-based solutions to streamline your approach and detail:

  • Opportunities for improvement, as identified during the review
  • Specific recommendations to increase your efficiency, savings, and enhanced controls
  • An implementation roadmap outlining our suggested route to success

The eCapital Reconciliation Health Check is your first step to a more efficient, modern accounting department.

Harness our years of experience—Contact us to schedule a Reconciliation Health Check today!