If you’re anything like me, with each new release of Hyperion you’ve desperately hoped that your browser of choice is now supported only to be disappointed.  While Oracle has not stated support beyond Internet Explorer, that hasn’t stopped most of the developers I know from giving a half-hearted attempt at making it work at one point or another.  Below, eCapital Advisors finally puts the issue to rest and shows you how you can make Firefox work with Hyperion.

Why doesn’t it “just work”?

Hyperion’s web based products use a XML based technology to present the user interface called XUL (pronounced “zool”).  Since XUL can be used by nefarious web sites to launch attacks against you, Firefox removed support of this out of the box at some point during version 4.  In order to make this work, we want to enable XUL functionality, but only for when we access the Hyperion servers.

How to add XUL support

In Firefox, open the Add-on Manager screen by clicking on the Firefox button in the upper left and selecting “Add-ons”.

Using Firefox with Hyperion - Open the Add-on Manager

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Once in the Add-ons manager, click on “Get Add-ons” (if not already selected)

Using Firefox with Hyperion - Click Get Add-ons

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In the search box in the upper right corner, search for “Remote XUL”.

Using Firefox with Hyperion - Search for Remote XUL

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Look for a result called “Remote XUL Manager” and click the install button on the right side of the listing.

Using Firefox with Hyperion - Click Install to install the Remote XUL Manager add-on

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When the install is completed, restart Firefox.

Using Firefox with Hyperion - When prompted, restart Firefox

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Open the new add-on’s settings dialog by selecting Web Developer->Remote XUL Manager from the Firefox menu.

Using Firefox with Hyperion - Open Remote XUL settings

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Add your Hyperion servers to the whitelist by clicking the add button and entering their names at the prompt.

Using Firefox with Hyperion - Add Hyperion servers to the whitelist

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If prompted, restart Firefox one final time and voila – you can now use Hyperion from Firefox.

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