Not surprising, MicroStrategy has many options to choose from when it comes to sharing a report or dashboard. This post will outline MicroStrategy report sharing options, and discuss a few of the MSTR specific options, so you will be well prepared the next time you need to deliver your MicroStrategy insights to others within your organization.

From outside of the report (without running it), by hovering over the report name you will see a set of icons appear. These are the same icons that you would see if you were  inside the report (running the report first).

(outside of the report)

MicroStrategy report sharing - header

Again once you run the report, you’ll notice all of the available options to you in the report toolbar. It’s worth noting however, that if you don’t have appropriate rights, you won’t see certain icons. (Ex: if you don’t have the Send Now privilege, you don’t see the Send Now icon.)

MicroStrategy report sharing - report details

Another option when running a report inside MicroStrategy Web is to select the REPORT HOME dropdown, which will allow a user to access the sharing options.

On the report toolbar I’ve highlighted six icons, in order from left to right they are:

  • Share
  • Print
  • Send Now
  • Schedule Delivery to History List
  • Export
  • PDF

Print, PDF and Export

The Print and PDF options are just as you would expect. Pretty standard. You will get an options dialog box depending on which option you select.

Similarly by selecting the export option you will receive the following dialog box with the various export options, such as selecting your format type, delimiter type, exporting each dashboard page on a separate excel tab, etc:


The share icon allows you to quickly email a link to your dashboard to other MicroStrategy users. The recipient of the email will have to authenticate into MicroStrategy before being able to view the report/dashboard, so if they don’t have access to MicroStrategy this might not be the most effective option.

You can share by email, copy and paste the link or generate HTML to embed the URL into a web page. Also worth noting, is that under the Who Has Access section you have the ability to grant different levels of access to other users.

Send Now

Send now lets you send an email with your report, document, or dashboard immediately in a variety of delivery formats.

With the Send Now option you have the ability to Burst your report, which allows you to break apart your report by what’s in the page by section of the report to have separate attachments. In this case the recipient would receive three separate attachments, one for each year.

Subscribe to History List

A user can also schedule automated deliveries of the dashboard to be accessed through the history list. You can select when you would like to report to be scheduled (i.e at the end of the workday, first of the month, every Monday morning, etc).

The reports or MicroStrategy dashboards can be delivered to the following:

  • History List
  • My subscriptions page
  • Mobile device (using MicroStrategy Mobile)
  • Printer
  • Network file location

I hope you found this helpful and that the next time you want to share your MSTR insights you have a good understanding of all the options available to you. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at:

Kristi Smith