Have you ever tried to open multiple instances of the Hyperion Workspace only to find that it immediately closes itself? Older versions of the Hyperion EPM suite allowed multiple instances in different windows, but the latest versions do not allow this. Multiple instances of the Planning Workspace are useful for the following:

  • Testing user security for access to application, dimensions, and/or objects without having to sign in and out of the test user
  • Comparing two applications in workspace side by side without flipping between tabs
  • Comparing code in Calculation Manager

This minor tip/tweak is not specific to Hyperion, so it can also work with other websites and applications. In this example, I’ll show how to log in as an admin and training user. Follow the steps below to open multiple instances of Hyperion:

  • Open your browser and log into the Hyperion Workspace as you normally would
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  • Launch a new private browsing session (InPrivate Browsing for IE, Private Window for Firefox)
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  • Paste the same URL used in the other window, but this time, append “?multi_process=true” at the end
  • Hit return and login and the 2nd user
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  • Begin testing the 2nd user’s access to dimensions or objects. Notice in the screenshot above, the training user cannot see both task lists nor do they have the same access as admins.

Note: This works with the direct URL to the login screen or with the pop-up window (with our without /index.jsp).

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