This is part 1 of a two part blog focusing on the new features in OBIEE This post touches on the Subject Area search and sort options, saved calculated items in the catalog, horizontal layout of dashboard prompts and new preview styles.

1. Subject Area Search and Sort Options

This simple feature allows the user to search a subject area for a specific column or folder. By clicking the magnifying glass icon in the Subject Areas pane, a search box appears and OBIEE will return all objects that contains the text that was entered into the search box. Users can also make use of the % wildcard.

New Features in OBIEE - Search and Sort options

Additionally, the sort feature allows users to alter the order of folders and the presentation columns within those folders by clicking on the Sort Subject Area icon in the Subject Areas pane.

New Features in OBIEE - Subject Areas pane

2. Saved Calculated Items In the Web Catalog

This feature allows users to create calculated items in an analysis and save them in the catalog for re-use in future analyses for the same subject area. Ideal for quickly creating calculated items in the user interface without having to make changes in the Administration tool and upload a new RPD.

In the Results tab, select the calculated measure in the global header. The calculation is created in the same way a column formula is created.

New Features in OBIEE - Saved calculated items in Web Catalog

Return to the Criteria tab, select the more options icon on the newly created measure and select the Save Column As option.

New Features in OBIEE - Save Column As option

NOTE: this calculation will only be available for re-use in analyses in the same subject area that it was originally created in. Also, notice when this measure is added to the Selected Columns pane, the icon has a disk next to the golden ruler, indicating that it is a saved measure.

New Features in OBIEE - Selected Columns pane

The calculated measure can be edited directly from the catalog pane. Changes made in the catalog will be valid for every analysis that the calculated measure is applied to. If the calculated measure is modified within a particular analysis, the changes will only apply to that specific analysis.

New Features in OBIEE - calculated measure

3. Horizontal Layout for Radio Button and Check Box Dashboard Prompts

Radio button and check box dashboard prompts can now be shown horizontally. In the new prompt dialog box, expand the Options section and select your layout preference.

New Features in OBIEE - radio button and check box dashboard prompts

4. New Preview Styles: Skyros and SkyrosCloud

OBIEE now offers different style options to preview an analysis. Depending on which preview style is selected, you’ll notice slight differences in color scheme and the style & formatting of the content. Below is a comparison of Skyros, which is the default style, SkyrosCloud and Fuse.

New Features in OBIEE - new preview styles

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