Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, the eCapital Advisors base is where most of the team call “home” to deliver great support to clients. But we are also proud to help our employees balance work and life. As such, many of our employees already work remotely, even in Minneapolis. But our consultants are eager to visit client sites when technology cannot replace in-person interactions.

Our company has always supported our clients across the country in this way. And we are known for the expertise and knowledge on which clients have come to rely.

Great Support during Remote Work

During unprecedented times, all of our employees began delivering great support remotely. Admittedly, the experience is new and interesting for us.

How has our day-to-day changed? While we skip the morning and evening commutes, we can’t trade wisdom and stories in our common areas for now. Instead, these days our complete team collaborates behind screens. While we would typically enjoy face-to-face lunches, events, and happy hours, we currently devise virtual get-togethers to remain connected. The truth is, we’re a great team who appreciates time with one other. We can’t wait for our entire workforce to meet again soon at our annual team meeting.

How do we continue to serve clients? As always, we remain committed to helping clients, even while we exclusively work from home offices, dining rooms, and living rooms at this time. Our team still seeks to cultivate meaningful, long-lasting relationships with our customers through video and phone meetings.

We look forward to getting back to customer sites and our headquarters. In the meantime, we are making the most of the situation.

We asked, and some of our employees shared where they get their work done during remote work. Take a peak inside the workstations—and check out one of our pets—in these photos. You’ll see where our team continues to work and serve customers during this challenging time: