When users run analyses, OBIEE Presentation Services can cache the results of those analyses. Presentation Services determines if subsequent analyses can use cached results. If the cache can be shared, then subsequent analyses are not stored.

These cache files are store in the following directory: ORACLE_INSTANCE\tmp\OracleBIPresentationServices\coreapplication_obipsn\obis_temp. After a clean restart of the presentation services these temporary cache files are deleted. If the services stop unexpectedly, it is possible that these files may not get deleted and remain on the drive.


The presentation services cache is separate from what the BI Server uses for caching.

The following procedure provides information about configuration changes with which you can manage the Presentation Services cache.

To manually edit the settings for managing the cache:

  • Open the instanceconfig.xml file for editing
  • Locate the section in which you must add the elements


Avoid specifying values of less than 3 minutes for the elements that affect minutes. At such a low amount of time, refreshes can occur frequently, which can negatively affect performance and cause flickering on the screen.

  • Include the elements and their ancestor elements as appropriate, as shown in the following example:


  • Save your changes and close the file.
  • Restart Oracle Business Intelligence.

Managing OBIEE 11G Presentation Cache Settings

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