Recently I had a request to create a multi compound layout analysis, which would allow a view selector to switch between different combinations of views. For example, one layout might include a graph and a table and another layout might include two tables. Utilizing the compound layout functionality in OBI I was able to come up with a solution, which I’ve outlined below. Enjoy!

1. Create a new analysis and add the desired columns.


2. Click the results tab and you’ll see that the default compound layout is displayed. The compound layout is a combination of many views and by default, both a title and tabular view are defined when you select your columns. In a few steps we will be deleting all views on the default layout, so don’t waste your time formatting this table.


3. Save the analysis.

4. On the global header select the Create New Compound Layout icon.


5. Rename the newly created layout to ‘Summary’ by clicking on the Rename Compound Layout icon in the global header.



6. In the Summary compound layout create the desired views.


7. Navigate to the default layout and then select the Duplicate Compound Layout icon from the global header.


8. Rename the third compound layout to Details and create the desired views.


9. Again, navigate back to the default compound layout and remove the current views from the layout, including the title. The default compound layout will be solely a view selector with the two compound layouts we just created, Summary and Detail.


10. Save the analysis and run it. You will be able to toggle between the Summary and Detail views.



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