When users are moved from one catalog group to another group, the privileges of the new group do not automatically get refreshed, i.e the user will still hold privileges from their previous catalog group. Once ‘Reload Files and Metadata’ is run from the Administration page the proper changes will take effect.

If navigating to the Administration page and selecting the ‘Reload Files and Metadata’  link is not ideal, there is another solution. By disabling the caching of catalog attributes the privileges should be updated immediately, thus eliminating confusion as to whether or not the user is in the correct group.

To disable caching:

1. Navigate to [Oracle_Home]\instances\instance1\config\OracleBIPresentationServicesComponent\coreapplication_obips1\instanceconfig.xml


2. Make a copy of the instanceconfig file before editing.

3. Within the ServerInstance tags add the following lines of code:

4. Save and restart the OPMN managed BI components.

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