After migrating from 11g to 12c,  I wanted to quick run through the sample dashboards to verify everything was working properly. On the Product Details page of the Simple Demo Dashboard I ran into the following error:


Two reasons for this error:

  1. The SAMP_XML_TARGETS_F file is missing
  2. The 12c environment variable is still pointing to the old 11g environment

In our 11g environment the sample xml files are located in the following location:



In 12c however, the sample xml files are located here:



In 11g locate the SAMP_XML_TARGETS_F.xml file and copy and paste it into the above 12c file location.

Currently, OBI is looking in the wrong location for the xml file, so we need to update the 12c variable path.

1. Open the repository and select Manage -> Variables


2. Expand Repository -> Variables. Select Static and double-click the BI_EE_HOME static variable to edit.


3. From the screen shot below you can see that the Default Initializer is set to the 11g file location.


4. Update the Default Initializer to the following:



5. Save the RPD, login to OBI and the report should render properly.


If you have any questions or comments, email me at:

Kristi Smith,