A common part of an Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) installation is configuring a client’s current LDAP server to pass users and groups into OBIEE. Here are the quick steps to configure a foreign LDAP in OBIEE:

  • Login to weblogic console
  • Click on Security Realms

OBIEE LDAP Configuration - security realms

  • Click new to create the new LDAP entry.

OBIEE LDAP Configuration - create new LDAP entry

  • Type MSAD into the name field.
  • For this scenario, Active Directory is selected as the type
  • click ok.

OBIEE LDAP Configuration - Select Active Directory as Type

  • The new MSAD entry is now located at the bottom of the table.
  • Click on the Default Authenticator link.

OBIEE LDAP Configuration - Default Authenticator

  • Confirm that the control flag for the Default Authenticator is set to sufficient and return to the providers screen.

OBIEE LDAP Configuration - default authenticator control flag

  • Reorder the provider screen to look like below, MSAD being at the top of the table.
  • After reordering, click on the MSAD link to view its settings.

OBIEE LDAP Configuration - MSAD link settings

  • Confirm that the control flag for MSAD is set to sufficent
  • Click the provider specific tab

OBIEE LDAP Configuration - provider specific tab

  • Enter the following details into the MSAD provider specific screen, adjusting to suit your specific environment:


Port: 389

Principal: CN=obiee-svc,CN=Users,DC=corp,DC=YOURCOMPANY,DC=com

User Base DN: CN=Users,DC=corp,DC=YOURCOMPANY,DC=com

All Users Filter: (&(sAMAccountName=*)(objectclass=user))

User From Name Filter:(&(sAMAccountName=%u)(objectclass=user))

User Name Attribute:sAMAccountName

User Object Class: user

Group Base DN:CN=Users,DC=corp,DC=YOURCOMPANY,DC=com

  • Log into weblogic enterprise manager
  • Right click on bi foundation > Security > Security Provider Configuration

OBIEE LDAP Configuration - Security Provider Configuration

  • Click the configure button on the identity store provider section of the page.

OBIEE LDAP Configuration - identity store provider

  • Click the Add button and enter the following

Property Name: virtualize

Value: true

OBIEE LDAP Configuration - property name: virtualize

  • Click OK.
  • Restart BI Services.

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