Trying to trace columns from the presentation layer back to the physical layer of OBIEE’s RPD, can be difficult. Fortunately, the RPD has a “Query Related Objects” function to help locate objects more quickly. Here are the steps to begin using this function.

  1. From the start menu click on the “BI Administration”

  1. In the Admin tool, click on the blue folder to open the RPD in online mode.


  1. Locate column the column in the Business Modeling (BM) layer that needs to be edited with a case statement.
    • The easiest way to locate this column for a user, who is not familiar with the BM layer, is to use the “Query Related Objects” function within the RPD. Most users are much more familiar with the Presentation layer of the RPD, since this closely mimics what the users sees when building reports from a subject area in OBI.
    • Right click on the desired column > hover the mouse over “Query Related Objects” > click on logical column.
  2. This query returns the results in the form of the screenshot shown below.
    • Highlight the desired column and click the “Go To” button. This will direct you to the highlighted column in the BM layer.

Note: Make sure you that the query takes you to the column within a table not a hierarchy. It is possible you may have to scroll down to find the column from the table.


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