Maximize Content Store Optimization Through External Object Stores

Cognos content stores are getting larger and larger.  The content store is a database that contains the global settings, configurations, content and connections; this includes saved output.  Due to the advent of data sets in Cognos 10.x and Uploaded files in CA 11.0, consequently, Cognos content stores are ballooning to sizes that no administrator expected.  Because content store size affects Content Manager performance, it is important that administrators evaluate the content store and focus on opportunities to optimize performance.

Finally, Cognos Analytics can now offer administrators the ability to store some of this content (output files, uploaded content, etc) into an External Object Store.  This is a Cognos installation server accessible file location that can be on the same server or else where. As a result, the Cognos Manager performance will improve because the content store is smaller.

By way of example, below are the steps for setting up an External Object Store.  Please see the IBM Cognos Analytics Installation and Configuration Guide for 11.x for more details.

Set up an External Object Store

Firstly, open the IBM Cognos Configuration application.

IBM Cognos Configuration Welcome

Secondly, navigate to Data Access > Content Manager on the left side of the screen.

Explorer Pane

Right click on the name of the content manager and select New resource > External Object Store.

New resource addition

Name the new External Object Store something relevant to its usage and click OK.

Rename new external content store

A new screen has been generated on the right side of the window.  Select the white space next to Path and underneath Value.

File path URI

Select the pencil icon to edit the blank path.

Depending on where the content should be stored, use either the Windows URI or the Unix URI.  once the URI has been entered, select OK.

Alt file path URI

Save changes to the Cognos Configuration to ensure they will be applied after the next restart of the Cognos environment.

Cognos Configuration Save and restart

When it is safe to do so, stop and restart the Cognos Environment.


Test the New External Object Store

Open IBM Cognos Configuration again.

from the Explorer pane, navigate to Local Configuration > Data Access > Content Manager > (name of content manager) > (name of external object store)


Right click on the name of the external object store and select Test.

Test external content store

Cognos will generate the cryptographic information necessary to connect to the file location and should return a green check mark if everything was successful.

Generate cryptographic information


Things to Think About

  1. Does the Cognos Administration user have access to write content to the new external object store location?
  2. How much space is available at the external object store location?
  3. What is the scalability of the external object store location?


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Trevor Schulte
Sr. Consultant