eCapital Advisors maintains healthy partnerships that provide added value to our customers. We believe our selective partnerships make us stand apart from the rest, because they truly enhance our business offerings. One of these partners is AlignAlytics, a company that focuses on helping organizations in a wide array of industries construct business analytics roadmaps.

What does that entail? AlignAlytics starts by putting together a proven formula for a business analytics roadmap. They take you through a progression of these steps to ultimately reach your analytics goals.

Information à Priorities à Analytics à Insight à Performance à Success

After gathering information, AlignAlytics looks at what your priorities are by evaluating:

  • What do you need to drive your business?
  • Where will you get that information?
  • How can you consolidate information sources?
  • How can you get more accurate, timely information from the field?
  • Did you know it could all be automated?

Answering these questions gives AlignAlytics the necessary framework to form your business analytics roadmap. Keeping this background in mind, AlignAlytics can then build an analytics roadmap that will lead to invaluable insights for your business. Building a roadmap prior to analytics implementation is a smart first step to ensuring that your business analytics projects result in insights that top management can use and reports that fuel key decision making. They are also a good measure of the success of your analytics implementation.

So where does eCapital Advisors fit in? Well, after AlignAlytics shows you where Business Analytics can have the biggest impact on business performance within your roadmap, eCapital Advisors can actually build out the necessary customized Business Analytics capabilities. eCapital Advisors then trains customers to execute the Roadmap and achieve lasting, measurable results.

After working with both partners you will walk away with the ability to address the most difficult-to-answer questions in your business analytics plan. You will be able to prioritize IT initiatives, and align IT strategy to fuel decision-making needs and achieve management consensus on technological priorities. Finally, you can align financial information with comparable operational information.

Wherever your priorities are, AlignAlytics and eCapital Advisors work together to achieve success with our proven partnership. If you’re looking to supplement your analytics solutions, or maybe create new ones, then you should look into a joint project with eCapital Advisors and AlignAlytics. Learn more details about this partnership by watching our AlignAlytics video. Contact us to partner with AlignAlytics and eCapital Advisors today!

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