Every month Oracle releases a Readiness document to their PBCS customers, notifying them of the latest updates and fixes, along with dates of when these changes will be applied to their environments. Oracle applies the updates to the test environments 2 weeks prior to applying it to the production environments. This allows the customers to begin to familiarize themselves and test out the new updates prior to them getting applied to the production environments.

In one of PBCS latest releases (version 16.10.49) there is bug in Data Management that does not allow null values to be loaded, when it did accept them in previous releases. This bug will be fixed in the 16.11 version release, but there is a work-around to continue to loading data via PBCS Data Management.

When trying to load data with null values, data will fail to import to the workbench.


Below is the error message (ORA-01400 cannot insert NULL into) in the log that you will receive when trying to load data that has null values:


The inability to load null values means, it does not accept #MISSING or zero values in your in your data load file. To continue loading in data management in this version (16.10.49) the #MISSING or zero values will need to be replaced with “”. Note: this work-around will need to be applied regardless of the delimiter you are using for your data load file.

CSV data load file prior to replacing with “”:


CSV data load file replaced with “”:


This work-around solution allows you to continue loading data via Data Management, prior to your PBCS environment receiving the patch with the updated release. If a Service Request is submitted to Oracle, it could expedite the patching process.

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