The COVID-19 global pandemic is impacting the banking and financial industry operationally, economically, and personally. Banks and Financial Market enterprises are experiencing operational stress concerning employee health and safe working environments, market volatility, and more.

Like many industries in these uncertain times, they have to adapt on multiple fronts. From shifting to remote work, experiencing closure or limited hours, and redirecting strategic efforts from revenue growth to radical cost reduction.

Balance sheet strength, asset quality, revenues, and earnings will be tested. Banks have to protect revenue even as they support customers with financial challenges, while aggressively managing costs by identifying radical reduction actions. This calls for bold steps to accelerate 

Listen to IBM experts in a panel discussion on how forecasting, planning, analysis, and report creation can help promote data driven decision-making to try to help answer these questions for the banking industry in today’s environment.

Topics for Discussion:

  • Industry challenges
  • What will the post-pandemic environment look like?
  • What can the banking industry do to be successful?
  • What is IBM’s position?
  • How running what-if scenarios helps make well-informed, profitable decisions
  • Allow for critical thinking and testing hypotheses
  • Open Discussion