With Qlik Sense, you can now search Records to find data that matches, or kind of matches, a search criteria. This is known as fuzzy searching.  A fuzzy search compares the original searched string to each record and determines its degree of resemblance.  The results of these searches are ordered in degree of resemblance order.

It is worth noting that fuzzy searches can only be performed on filter panes, pivot tables, and tables.  A fuzzy search is accomplished by adding a tilde (~) before the search string.

Let’s say we have a list of Players, and we want to find all the Bernard’s and their respect Wins, Halves, Loses and Points in previous Ryder Cup appearances.


Select the spyglass to search for the literal string Bernard.


Noticed that we have two entries: Bernard Gallacher and Bernard Hunt.


This may seem OK, but what happens when we add the ~before our search string?


Notice that there are many more entries that appear. In fact every Record in the column is now sorted by degree of resemblance to our search string Bernard.

Also, notice there is a third Bernard:Bernhard Langer.


By using a fuzzy search and selecting the three Bernard’s, we get a more accurate representation of the data.


I hope you found this post helpful and happy Qlik-ing. Please contact me at the email address below for issues or other Qlik inquiries.

Trevor Schulte
Sr. Consultant