Qlikview – Connecting to Essbase

Qlik has an Essbase connector that can be downloaded at Qlik’s customer downloads website: http://us-d.demo.qlik.com/download

How to connect Qlikview to Essbase

Here are the steps to help you get qlikview connected to essbase.

  • Open a new or existing QlikView app and select Edit Script… from the File menu.
  • Select the Essbase (QvEssbaseConnector.exe) Connector from the drop-down list next to Connect… on the Data tab in the lower part of the Edit Script dialog.
  • Select Connect… to open the Essbase Connection dialog.

  • Enter the name or IP address of a server with an XMLA service.
  • Enter the number of the server port used by the XMLA service.
  • Select a data source from the drop-down Data Source list.
    • The data source is an instance of the Essbase server. Multiple Essbase instances can be registered in an XMLA service. The connector works with one data source at a time.
  • Enter the user name and password for the Essbase instance.
  • You can click Test Connection to verify that a connection can be made with the properties entered.
    • The connection is tested before it is created. Clicking Test Connection enables you to test the connection before you attempt to create it.
  • Select the locale for the XMLA server.
    • The connector needs to know the locale setting on the XMLA server to translate the data correctly for the client.

  • Click OK to create the connection string that used when sending the load statement to the Essbase data source.

You should now be ready to start pulling Essbase data into your Qlikview model. If you have any questions on connection Qlikview to Essbase, contact me at:

Kiel Briggs: kbriggs@ecapitaladvisors.com