Copying an Object

Often time’s objects within a qlikview application are either reused or reused with minor changes, in other qlikview applications. This can be a time consuming process to recreate several of these objects.

This can be done much faster. Simply, copy the existing object and make the necessary changes. You can copy sheet and chart object both. Method is as follows:

  • Chart object: Right click on the chart title and then select command “Clone“. This will create a copy of chart objects. Alternative method is to click on chart title by holding CTRL key and drag the object to different location and release mouse button.
  • Sheet object: Right click on sheet tab and select command “Copy Sheet“. This will create a similar sheet with name as “Copy of <current sheet name>”. This new sheet will be created at the end of all sheets.

Copying an Expression

During dashboard development, developers create multiple expressions (simple and complex). There are situations when  similar expressions exist for different chart objects. To make this efficient, we can re-use our existing expressions.

  • Open expression. Copy and paste it into a new expression
  • Right click on expression. Select “Copy” command. Then, paste it to expression window. Here, you do not only copy the expression code. The new column that is created has exactly the same properties as the source expression. This includes column width, alignment, number format etc.

These are two very simple techniques to help speed up application development that are often over looked.

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Kiel Briggs