How one electronics retailer partnered with eCapital Advisors to unlock granular insights for business success

Especially in peak times, it can be challenging for business leaders to access granular-level critical data. And a 10,000-foot view for ground-level decisions often leads to suboptimal outcomes. Fortunately, executives can reduce risk and maintain the pace of innovation and transformation with deep, real-time insights (Gartner).

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Planning Challenges = Higher Risk

For 30 years, one major electronics retailer piled tools on top of solutions to access and report on critical data, including financial analytics. A web of tools left the business needing a detailed view of product SKUs, locations, or purchase dates.

Still, in 2021, leaders were forced to wait for a “Monday report” to determine bestselling product lines for the week. In addition, the retailer needed a way to identify outliers quickly. The multi-billion dollar business offered discounts without strategic insight and could not forecast with confidence.

Reducing Risk and Maintaining the Pace of Innovation

eCapital Advisors partnered shoulder-to-shoulder with leaders of the electronics retailer to turn uncertainty and risk into opportunity. The firm recommended enhancing predictive and preparedness capabilities informed by robust data and financial analytics. Zeroed in, eCapital built a custom algorithm and unlocked granular-level data. 

Today, leaders have immediate, fingertip access to multiple data sources without repeatedly performing extractions, enrichment, or transformation. As a result, executives and analysts spend significantly less time on data preparation. The retailer uses expanded data to identify top products quickly. Further, it can tell the broader story and determine if any variances exist and at what store, zip code, or on which e-commerce platform.

Partners in Success 

With speed to insight so fast, it is easier for business leaders to answer ad-hoc operational questions at a deep, granular level. Gartner supports the need for executives to reduce risk while maintaining the pace of innovation and transformation. By partnering with eCapital Advisors, the major electronics retailer was able to improve decision-making and collaboration and add to the margin of profitability.