Last month we had an outside consulting firm come in to complete our customer survey. We are constantly looking to grow and improve our business, and in order to do that we know we need to hear from our customers on what we do well and what we should work on.

We are so grateful for the responses we received from our customers. eCapital Advisors is taking the input into careful consideration as we move forward.

We thought we would share some of the survey highlights that caught our attention, particularly pieces we are going to improve. We are not the kind of company who shies away from the fact that there is always a higher standard to achieve. That is what analytics is all about: finding your threshold for success, then attaining and improving it. We strive to do just that using this customer feedback.

  1. Your customer feedback showed that you look to eCapital Advisors as a hub for analytics trends.  We think we can continue to better that experience. To that end, we are launching a new intuitive website that provides even more valuable information including a blog reviewing the latest and greatest in software technology and new product demos. We also added event lists, updated content and news. We plan to continue working to make our website an engaging destination where you can go to get the resources you need.
  2. One thing we did well according to survey results, was keep in steady contact with our customers. We don’t do the kind of work where we get in and get out. We continuously follow up and make ourselves available for clients. We’re proud of this capability and plan to continue to grow it in the future.
  3. We work tirelessly with our consultants for ways to improve your customer experience. At eCapital Advisors we hold monthly townhall meetings to gauge where we are in reaching those goals and will continue to work on honing our skills to that end.
  4. We saw a pretty good split in the length of time each respondent has been working with us. We are loyal to all of our customers regardless of whether they start with us today or back in 2001, so we’re glad to see that regardless of time you too are dedicated to helping us improve!
  5. We thought we would share some of our favorite customer comments here:

-“eCapital advisors have mentored us through multiple software upgrades and have been available past implementation to ensure success”

-“Their support enables us to maintain our Cognos system without needing to employ dedicated in-house talent”

Again thanks to all who gave us feedback. If you have any questions or comments please contact us!

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